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GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be a great time saver when working within GIMP.  Rather than navigating through the menu structure to find what you are looking for, if you learn some of  the common shortcuts it will increase your productivity greatly.

File Menu - Shortcuts Function
Ctrl + N New Image
Shift+Ctrl+V Create a new Image from Clipboard
Ctrl + O Open Image
Ctrl+Alt+O Open as Layers
Ctrl+S Save Image
Shift+Ctrl+S Save As
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+W Close
Shift+Ctrl+W Close All
Ctrl+Q Quit
Edit Menu - Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy Visible
Ctrl+V Paste
Shift+Ctrl+V Past as New Image
Delete Clear
Ctrl+, Fill with FG Color
Ctrl+. Fill with BG Color
Ctrl+; Fill with Pattern
Select Menu - Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+A Select All
Shift+Ctrl+A Select None
Ctrl+I Invert Selection
Shift+Ctrl+L Create a Floating Selection
Shift+O Select by Color
Shift+V Select from Path
Shift+Q Toggle Quick Mask
View Menu - Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+E Shrink Wrap - Reduce image window to size of image
F11 Toggle Fullscreen View
Ctrl+T Show Selection
Shift+Ctrl+T Show Guides
Shift+Ctrl+R Show Rulers
Image Menu - Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+D Duplicate Image
Ctrl+M Merge Visible Layers
Alt+Return Display Image Properties
Layer Menu - Shortcuts Function
Shift+Ctrl+N New Layer
Shift+Ctrl+D Duplicate Layer
Ctrl+H Anchor Layer
Page Up Select Previous Layer
Page Down Select Next Layer
Home Select Top Layer
End Select Bottom Layer
Tools Menu - Shortcuts Function
Selection Tools  
R Rectangle Select
E Ellipse Select
F Free Select
U Fuzzy Select
Shift+O Select by Color
I Intelligent Scissors
Paint Tools  
Shift+B Bucket Fill
L Blend
N Pencil
P Paintbrush
Shift+E Eraser
A Airbrush
K Ink
C Clone
H Heal
Shift+U Blur / Sharpen
S Smudge
Shift+D Dodge / Burn
Transfrom Tools
Q Align
M Move
Shift+C Crop
Shift+R Rotate
Shift+T Scale
Shift+S Shear
Shift+P Perspective
Shift+F Flip
B Paths
O Color Picker
Z Zoom
Shift+M Measure
T Text
Ctrl+B Toolbox
D Default Colors (Sets foreground to black and background to white)
X Swap Colors
Filters Menu - Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+F Repeat Last
Shift+Ctrl+F Re-Show Last
Windows Menu - Shortcuts Function
Dockable Dialogs
Ctrl+L Layers
Shift+Ctrl+B Brushes
Shift+Ctrl+P Patterns
Ctrl+G Gradients
Ctrl+B Toolbox
Help Menu - Shortcuts Function
F1 Help
Shift+F1 Context Sensitive Help